2018 Awards Season - APPA | WAEPPA | Kimberley Photographic Award

August 29, 2018

2018 Awards Season - APPA | WAEPPA | Kimberley Photographic Award

Hi all,

         time has got the better of me lately, with so much going on its been a while since I gave an update! I could also be a little guilty of enjoying the gorgeous dry season days up here in Broome too. 

APPA's - Australian Professional Photography Awards

The pinnacle of the awards season has been and gone with the APPA's - Australian Professional Photography Awards concluding on Tuesday night. Some absolutely stunning images this year and the photographers of WA smashed it out of the park. Check out some of the amazing images here.

This was my first year entering as a fully accredited professional and am wrapped with my results 1x Silver distinction and 2x Silvers, plus a 79/100....which is 1 point shy of award status...the dreaded 79. This year the awesome team that work behind the scenes at APPA's created some 79 badges for those that enter this club.....I look forward to receiving mine in the mail!

Being a fully accredited member means I can now enter 4 images and if I'm lucky enough to receive awards for my images, they receive points. These points accrue, which then contribute to my APPA achievement status. As I was an emerging member last year I was unable to receive any points. So the first step is to accrue enough to become an associate member. Then after a couple of years, skill & luck the title of Master of Photography...and there is a time limit to achieve this...geez no pressure! For those wanting to know more about the achievement ribbons you can check it out here.

WEAPPA's - Western Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards

And because I've been busy *cough lazy, I have not given an update on the WA awards that happened back in May - start of the awesome beach weather in Broome.

I did very well this year (as a fully accredited member too!) I am absolutely wrapped with my results with 7 of my 9 images being awarded and to top it all I was a finalist in the Nature category!

Nature Category Finalist
Kimberley Photographic Awards
Nestled in between the WA and Australian awards was the Kimberley's own version! Happy to say my image Nature Hearts to out the fauna category! For a competition that is open to all (who reside in the Kimberley) the quality of work is pretty impressive! The winning image is here.
In other news...
I really have been very busy and have found little time to go out to do the thing I love - photography! So I am on a mission to go out and create....and maybe next time when I post it will be about something more interesting than awards season!......I really can't keep that promise so don't hold your breath!
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