Updates + Fujifilm Vs Sony "quick look"

February 22, 2022

Updates + Fujifilm Vs Sony

Hi all,

         there have been a few updates over the months since the last post, most notable is the website name change!

View My Pixels

View My Pixels is no more! I have finally consolidated my two websites into this main site matbeetson.co.au (with a little bit of work still to go). View My Pixels wasn't really meant to stick around so long and it has served its purpose.

Fujifilm versus Sony

My love affair with Fujifilm is still very strong, but I have parted ways with the system for now and have starting using the Sony A7r4 system. I initially reached out to a mate who had made the switch for largely the same reason as I, that is to have a camera that can easily transition from pro job to family/holiday camera (geez I don't want much!). Whether shooting for a client or personal work to capturing precious memories of the kids, I grew increasingly frustrated with the bulky and sometimes very slow Fujifilm system.

I loaned a kit from Camera Electronic and by months end had made a complete switch. It was really nice to have a 95% hit rate with the focus when shooting the kids as apposed to about a 40-50% hit rate....yeah yeah poor technique and all that doesn't wash with me....the same person, different camera systems, different success rate should really highlight an obvious conclusion. When I look back I was really happy using the GFX for the occasional family pic here and there. But as the family grew in number I started capturing more and more and it just became obvious i needed something else.

Where I was really blown away was the Aerial test, I had most recently been using the GFX100 and that camera with the 110mm F2 is a beast! I coupled the A7r4 with the Sony 85mm f1.8 lens and I was pleasantly shocked at how good the files were. Sure the obvious difference is 100mp versus 60mp and another for me was the difference in colour, whether that's down to the software I'm using or just the different colour science between the two I did notice an immediate difference. As I write this it is quite some time since using the Fujifilm system and do I notice the difference now?...not really. Yeah I could probably use the extra pixels for some images when I crop but I am mostly happy as it is. I hope to do a more in depth review of the system.....please don't hold your breath, I take ages to get these blog posts done! 

One of my first images from the Sony A7r4 + 85mm f1.8
Framed Prints
I have been working in the background to try consolidate some image ratio's, as well as size options for the images available to purchase. It has also meant I have 'retired' some of the images as I just don't think they really suit the website anymore. 
There is still some work to go in this area and that is also adding framed prints! Yep, high time I added this to the site....can't always just sell rolled prints and expect people to arrange their own framing. So I will add a standard frame in 3 colours but have the option to fully customise too - this will need to be prearranged via direct contact by email info@matbeetson.com.au
Finally, Afterpay is now available when purchasing through the online store!
Lucky last!
One more image from the new Sony kit....I am really loving it!
Thanks for reading.
- Mat

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