New Release + News Update

April 11, 2019

New Release + News Update

Hello everyone!

We are approaching the end of our wet season here in Broome, Western Australia and boy have there been some amazing lightning storms!


Captured on Fujifilm GFX 50r + 63mm lens.

The far northern parts of Australia typically have 2 seasons throughout the year, a wet and a dry season. The wet is uncomfortably humid and hot with a couple of cyclones over this period, whilst the dry is absolutely the best weather you could possibly have - dry, warm days and cool evenings...kind of "travel brochure" blue skies, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches type weather!

Some of the peoples (traditional owners) of this land however do not break it down to 2 simply defined seasons. Being far more connected to 'country' they  have a name for and live by the 'six seasons' that occur in Broome as shown in the diagram below

So we are finishing the Man-gala Season and entering Marrul, each of these seasons represent changes that also influence the hunting and gathering habits of the traditional owners - more information can be found in the link


image : courtesy of

This is my favourite time of year, when the seasons start to blend. Some days cyclonic, other days hot & humid with some awesome lightning storms and more days when its cooler and clear. The Barramundi firing up for their last run in/out of fresh water pools (good fishing time) and then the signs that come with the change of season. Knock down winds, less humidity, mosquito's (arrggh!) and the Dragonflies to eat them... and some of the most amazing sunsets this country gets to see.

I am going to miss the amazing storms that have been happening particularly over the last 4-5 weeks but I am also looking forward to many more beach days without the harsh humidity. Also the 4WD roads will be much more accessible which means more adventures and with it new photo opportunities. If you have never been to Broome or the Kimberley in the wet season you are really missing out - especially if you're a photographer!

Sure, there is a chance you could get caught in a cyclone and it can be very uncomfortable when its sunny and humid, but for me this is all part of the charm of the Kimberley. This country truly comes alive when the wet season is here.



The awards season has started! Well I don't really know if there is a start or finish but there are certainly a few that have concluded and the announcements have been made. Very happy to announce that I made the TOP101 in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year comp for the 2nd year in a row, this time with 2 images! both images below.


 Also was awarded 2nd place in the International Colour Awards Aerial category, again for the 2nd year in a row! With the below image.

All of the above images area available on the website and now available in Ice blocks for a gift with a difference! 

Of course there are also some new images I've released and they have been loaded on to the gallery and can be found here

Thanks for visiting.


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